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Amateur Radio Parity Act Update

The Amateur Radio Parity Act goes to full committee on Wednesday. This is a good bill as it will ensure all amateurs an “effective outdoor antenna.”
Please tweet your congressman in support of this bill. You can do that here:

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Field Day & Important Notice from K1RAB

Field Day is Coming! Field Day is Coming!

It’s that time of year, fellow Hams: Flowers are blooming, grass is growing, warm weather is coming our way, and it is time to plan for Field Day!

This year, the Parker Radio Association is getting ready for our 3rd annual Field Day. Many of you have participated in our first two events and know that it is a good time, whether you participate with setup on Saturday morning, making contacts during the event, sharing Paul’s, AC5S, world famous Field Day barbeque, hanging out in the evening with fellow club members and friends, or helping with tear down on Sunday morning.

This year promises to be more of the same. But this year there is a slight change: Our fearless leader Dan, N2SRK, has thrown down the gauntlet and has set a goal for us to be a high scorer in the 2A category!

With some planning and participation from everyone, we can do this!

On Wednesday, June 8th, at 6:45PM at the Starbucks at the northeast corner of Lincoln Ave & Parker Road, we will be having a final planning meeting. This will be a brief meeting (approx one hour) where we will review antenna layout, and final checks on supplies, gear, and networking. Please feel free to join us, should you wish, for this quick gathering. WE NEED YOU TO ATTEND!

During this session, we will be talking about antenna layout, equipment needs, and who is able to provide equipment and time to support our efforts.

We will also be talking about how to maximize our available talents and equipment to log as many contacts as possible. We want to plan a little so that we can also maximize points and point multipliers.

The Field Day rules also allow us to earn points through Bonus Points. It is possible to earn 2000 or more bonus points through various activities, and this can possibly double the total number of points that we achieve through QSOs. But this will take planning, and I will be reaching out to everyone to recruit those of you with community contacts and experience in certain areas.

I’ll break for now, but continue to watch for more details coming soon.

73, and keep the Squelch Loose!


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April Meeting Follow Up


If you missed the April Parker Radio Association Meeting, you let one get through the 5-hole.  No worries…like every good team, we have your back and we’ll pick you up.  Here are some highlights of last night’s great PRA Team performance.

First, we had an amazing weather spotting presentation by Randy, W0RDR.  Randy’s passion about weather matches his passion about ham radio.  If there was offensive stats from Randy’s presentation, he went 4 for 4 with three homeruns.  His lively presentation, with excellent video,s helped our group learn more about weather spotting, how to get involved, and most importantly, how to stay safe. Spotting is just that, spotting…observe and report.  Getting to play radio while spotting also enhances the fun.  GREAT JOB, RANDY!!

Second, we learned that from February to April, our membership has grown from 10 members to 36 members. Word is spreading about the PRA and the response received from the ham community is beyond any expectations we had in January.

We also showed off our Official Club Affiliation Charter Proclamation with the ARRL.  With the support of the League and its history, we know this partnership will help support our growth and momentum for the years to come.  We are in the early planning stages of an ARRL night at an upcoming meeting.  A special thanks to our Section Manager, Jack, WM0G, and Wayne, N0POH, for their guidance over the last couple of months to help us reach this important milestone and establish this important relationship with the ARRL.

Also, we hope to test our homebrew D-Star repeater in the next week or two.  Barring any smoke or high levels of RF exposure, we are anticipating a smooth test and set up.  If you have D-Star capabilities, keep an ear out to 446.850 (B) in coming weeks.  We will send out an announcement when we are ready for coverage reports.

Field Day plans are coming together, slowly, but surely.  If you are interested in participating in Field Day, do not hesitate to let us know.  Contact us through our website.

Lastly, we had a surprise drawing for a couple of door prizes.  The first door prize was a handheld, dual band radio that was awarded to a recent licensee.  The second door prize brought back many memories as it was an oldie, but goodie, AM receiver.

Overall, great things are happening with the Parker Radio Association.  We have great momentum going and it is because of your shared vision, goals and expectations from your ham radio club.

Remember…Have Fun, Play Radio, and keep the squelch loose.



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Door Prize?!


What better way to draw attention than to give something away?

At our next monthly meeting, February 18th, 6:30PM, at Southeast Christian Church in Parker (between E-470 and Lincoln Avenue), the Parker Radio Association will have a door prize giveaway for one of our luckiest attendees.  Considering we are all lucky to be on the right side of the sod every day, the luckiest of the lucky will earn some major bragging rights.  No, it is not a new HF rig or the latest HT, but the giveaway is guaranteed to provide plenty of good boost to your signal while you’re mobile without the need to drill any holes.  Hmm…wonder what it could be?

Remember, February 18, 6:30, at Southeast Christian Church in Parker (between E-470 and Lincoln Avenue).

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Hats off & Appreciation

Over this past week, our ARRL Section Manager, Jack Ciaccia, WM0G, sent an email blast out on behalf of the Parker Radio Association.  What happened over the next 48-hours is simply remarkable.

Within two hours, our webpage was averaging 50+visitors an hour.  We received approximately 20 email inquiries wanting more information about our Club, and gained approximately 30 more LIKES on our Facebook page.  Hats off to Jack, our Section Manager, for his willingness to make the announcement on our behalf.  As great as the role of Section Manager appears, we should also recognize that there are thankless hours of assistance, guidance and effort put forth by Jack as well as most ARRL Section Managers.  We are fortunate to have a great ambassador to our hobby in a man like Jack.  If you haven’t had the chance to say “Thank You” to him, do not hesitate…it is the least we can do for what he does for us in public and behind the scenes.

With this amount of interest, we are excited and appreciative that our preliminary vision of establishing an active club in the Parker and southern regions of Denver are developing.  We know this will not be a one or two person effort to make this organization great.  Your contributions are necessary and we look forward to sticking to our core principles with you: have fun, play radio, learn something, teach something.

Our vanity call sign application has been received and is being processed.  Thanks to the website, we anticipate that K0PRA will be issued to us on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.  Here are the details:

/ State
ULS File
Mon 2014-01-27 Fri 2014-02-14 KD0YUC 10 / CO Amateur Extra 0006118405 By List (Club) 1 K0PRA Assignment
2 WC0PRA Reserved Callsign
3 KA0PRA Unneeded (Available)
4 WA0PRA Unneeded (Available)

Don’t forget that our upcoming February meeting is Tuesday, February 18th, starting at 6:30PM at Southeast Christian Church in Parker (between E-470 and Lincoln Avenue).  Invite a fried, share our Club information, LIKE us on Facebook.

Great things are happening and we are very excited about our potential and exciting events that are planned such as VE Testing, Field Day, Family Picnics, Funny Jokes, SOTA activations, Contesting, and the chance to learn and teach from each other.  Don’t be afraid to volunteer to be a coordinator…the squelch is loose.


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Are You Ready for Kickoff of the Parker Radio Association?


Parker Radio Association’s 2014 Kick-Off Meeting

What better way to start off the New Year in a way that promotes our great hobby!

Are you:

– Active?

– Inactive?

– Looking to obtain your amateur radio license?

– Looking to upgrade?

– A Contester?

– A good joke teller?

– Eager to learn and teach?

When – Tue, January 14, 2014, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Where – Southeast Christian Church, Jordan Road, Parker, CO, United States (map)
Be part of the establishment of a great organization.
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