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New Ham/New Technology Follow Up

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If the inaugural Parker Radio Association New Ham/New Technology elmering session was any indication of the future of ham radio, we are in good shape. Twelve of the PRA’s friends and members joined our two hour open session for new hams and experienced hams wanting to learn a new aspect of the hobby.  The open forum session had no agenda and gave participants an opportunity to ask any and all questions about ham radio; from what is the best starter HT, to how to install a mobile antenna properly, grounding, vanity call sign process, upgrading, HF operations, and Field Day.

With no set agenda, it was the participants that controlled the meeting.  Our forum kicked off with a question, from a relatively new ham, on RF and lightening protection. From there, we moved on to differences in beams, verticals, and wire antennas; we also discussed how to operate covertly, if you lived in a CC&R community.  Topics simply flowed nicely and the beauty behind the session, new hams were also providing their suggestions on topics presented.  It made for an amazing evening of ham radio discussions, learning, and having fun.

Miss this session? No worries.  Our next two sessions are scheduled for March 28th (Exhibit Hall B) and April 24th (2nd Floor Conference Room) – both at the Douglas County Library in Parker.  Session starts at 6:30PM and concludes at 8:30PM.

Thanks to all that made this evening a success, particularly our participants. You are showing us experienced hams how much fun ham radio is and we know by your questions, answers, and dialogue, the future of the amateur radio is solid.

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Fusion February Summary

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A record turnout of 43 Parker Radio Association members and friends took place this past Thursday for Fusion February.  Jeff, W0QO, and Justin, AE2L, gave an exceptional presentation of Yaesu System Fusion and Wires-X.  The presentation was detailed with information regarding the basics behind System Fusion & Wires-X, as well as overlap between other digital modes such as DMR and D-Star.  We even had a live demo and setup of a Node onsite.

Miss the meeting? No problem!  Check out our “Toolbox” tab above for your copy of our presentation.  Or, Click Here —> Yaesu System Fusion & Wires-X

The PRA is fortunate to have great members like Jeff and Justin that share their knowledge, expertise, and fun of this great service, amateur radio.  They fully embrace our mission in giving back to the community through education while having fun and keeping the squelch loose.


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December Monthly Meeting – 12/19


Hard to believe we are “wrapping up” another successful year!  What better way to end the year by being “present” (See what we did there?) at the December monthly meeting of the Parker Radio Association.

On Tuesday, December 19th, at the Douglas County Library in Parker, starting at 6:45PM, we will have a meet-and-greet, followed by our business meeting at 7PM, followed by our monthly presentation.  This month, we have a great presentation on the “Christmas” of Ham Radio events, Hamvention.  Both Patrick, KT1GGR and Paul, AC5S have a great presentation lined up on all you will want to know about the pilgrimage to Ohio for one of the world’s largest ham radio festivities.  We will also have a year-end wrap-up and updates on our repeaters, upcoming presentations, and events planned for 2018.

Also, be sure to join us Monday evening at 8:30PM on XRF223B (D-Star) for our digital net.  We discuss all things digital related from D-Star, DMR, FT8, CW, and much more!  Following this net, fire up your HF rig and join us on 75M on/around 3.805.  We’ll update any changes on the W0CFI, 448.675 – (100Hz) repeater.

We’ll see you on the air Monday and at our meeting Tuesday evening!  Feel free to bring a friend, too!

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April Meeting Follow Up


If you missed the April Parker Radio Association Meeting, you let one get through the 5-hole.  No worries…like every good team, we have your back and we’ll pick you up.  Here are some highlights of last night’s great PRA Team performance.

First, we had an amazing weather spotting presentation by Randy, W0RDR.  Randy’s passion about weather matches his passion about ham radio.  If there was offensive stats from Randy’s presentation, he went 4 for 4 with three homeruns.  His lively presentation, with excellent video,s helped our group learn more about weather spotting, how to get involved, and most importantly, how to stay safe. Spotting is just that, spotting…observe and report.  Getting to play radio while spotting also enhances the fun.  GREAT JOB, RANDY!!

Second, we learned that from February to April, our membership has grown from 10 members to 36 members. Word is spreading about the PRA and the response received from the ham community is beyond any expectations we had in January.

We also showed off our Official Club Affiliation Charter Proclamation with the ARRL.  With the support of the League and its history, we know this partnership will help support our growth and momentum for the years to come.  We are in the early planning stages of an ARRL night at an upcoming meeting.  A special thanks to our Section Manager, Jack, WM0G, and Wayne, N0POH, for their guidance over the last couple of months to help us reach this important milestone and establish this important relationship with the ARRL.

Also, we hope to test our homebrew D-Star repeater in the next week or two.  Barring any smoke or high levels of RF exposure, we are anticipating a smooth test and set up.  If you have D-Star capabilities, keep an ear out to 446.850 (B) in coming weeks.  We will send out an announcement when we are ready for coverage reports.

Field Day plans are coming together, slowly, but surely.  If you are interested in participating in Field Day, do not hesitate to let us know.  Contact us through our website.

Lastly, we had a surprise drawing for a couple of door prizes.  The first door prize was a handheld, dual band radio that was awarded to a recent licensee.  The second door prize brought back many memories as it was an oldie, but goodie, AM receiver.

Overall, great things are happening with the Parker Radio Association.  We have great momentum going and it is because of your shared vision, goals and expectations from your ham radio club.

Remember…Have Fun, Play Radio, and keep the squelch loose.



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Winning Run – Affiliation with the ARRL Official


Today, we received official word that we have affiliation status with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). We are looking forward to our mutually beneficial partnership in actively promoting the growth of our great hobby. Many thanks to Jack Ciaccia, WM0G, and Wayne Heinen, N0POH, for their support and guidance.

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Upcoming March Meeting


Hard to believe that we are already inching our way closer to our upcoming monthly meeting of the Parker Radio Association.  Mark you calendars for Tuesday, March 18th, starting at 6:30PM at Southeast Christian Church on Jordan Road in Parker (between E-470 and Lincoln Avenue).  We will have a 15-30 minute meet and greet at 6:30 and will kick off the formalities between 6:45 – 7:00.  This also gives those that are traveling a bit more time.
Our scheduled program on D-Star/DVAP is being postponed. Unfortunately, a last minute and unexpected work road trip will have our scheduled presenter absent from our meeting.  In the spirit of “keeping the squelch loose,” we are going to have a Show-and-Tell format for our March program.  In all honesty, we should call the program, “Show & Brag.”
We invite you to bring your latest D-Star, MotoTrbo acquisitions…or even your favorite key, portable HF set-up…maybe your latest antenna build or copies of your favorite QST article.  Again, this is a Show & Tell (er, Brag) format that we’ll do in a group setting with plenty of time to start building your budgets for your next acquisitions.
On the business side, we’ll review:
– Treasurer’s Report
– 501(c)3 status
– Membership Coordinator appointment, Membership Status, Rosters, and Family Membership.
– Credit Card Reader Available
– Field Day
– Repeater Committee & D-Star Repeater Homebrew status
– Webmasters
– A few additional Coordinators Needed
– VE partnership with ARESDEC
Help spread the word!  Invite a friend, share this announcement!  We look forward to seeing you March 18th, starting at 6:30 at Southeast Christian Church!
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Door Prize?!


What better way to draw attention than to give something away?

At our next monthly meeting, February 18th, 6:30PM, at Southeast Christian Church in Parker (between E-470 and Lincoln Avenue), the Parker Radio Association will have a door prize giveaway for one of our luckiest attendees.  Considering we are all lucky to be on the right side of the sod every day, the luckiest of the lucky will earn some major bragging rights.  No, it is not a new HF rig or the latest HT, but the giveaway is guaranteed to provide plenty of good boost to your signal while you’re mobile without the need to drill any holes.  Hmm…wonder what it could be?

Remember, February 18, 6:30, at Southeast Christian Church in Parker (between E-470 and Lincoln Avenue).

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Kickoff Success of the Parker Radio Association!


If last night was any indication of the scope of talent, dedication, and unified desire to build a thriving ham community in the southern part of the Denver area, the Parker Radio Association is geared for an amazing journey in the months, years, and decades to come.

Twelve exceptional hams, Jay-K0LJW, Don-W0EAY, Scott-WQ8M, Jerry-KD0BIK, Terry-WB3EVZ, Thomas-K0VKM, Bill-W0SUN, Wayne-N0POH (Colorado ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator, not pictured), Jack-WM0G (Colorado ARRL Section Manager), John-N4SJW, Paul AC5S, and Dan – N2SRK (camera op), met to discuss how the club was formed, preliminary strategies and goals, and methods of developing membership at all levels of the hobby.  The enthusiasm in the meeting was contagious and the excitement of pursuing the next steps brought smiles and healthy email exchanges over the last 24 hours.

The key goals identified among the group were:

– have fun
– play radio
– loosen the squelch
– learn something
– teach something

A healthy discussion of repeater opportunities and building, a VE team, membership levels, Field Day, SOTA excursions, and a group Dayton trip were just a few of the topics reviewed.  We have a few administrative tasks to push over the goal line regarding incorporating and other status establishment, as well as finalizing our club call and ARRL affiliation approval (all in process).

More details about meeting specifics including minutes, Constitution, By-Laws, and Officer Bios will be posted in the coming days.

The Parker Radio Association would like to thank Jack-WM0G and Wayne-N0POH for representing the ARRL and bringing their vast insights, suggestions, and experiences to the meeting.  These two men are truly ambassadors of our hobby and we are fortunate to have the best representation of the ARRL in our state.

We also want to thank the entire group for the active, comical, and great conversations regarding our club’s great potential.

Lastly, the Parker Radio Association would like to thank Southeast Christian Church for use of their facility for our kickoff event.

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It’s All Coming Together


VE Team, Membership Committee, Field Day Committee, Repeater & Technical Teams, Contest Committee…

What group or committee do you want to see?
Where do you want to share your talents?
Let us know!

Have you invited a friend to the kickoff meeting on January 14th?

LIKE us / Share / Contact / Tweet


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Your Club is Doing It Wrong (Thanks K5KVN)

A special thanks to K5KVN at the Noise Blankers for this great editorial. Certainly, the Parker Radio Association is going to follow some of these suggestions!
A Noise Blankers Editiorial By K5KVN

I’m not saying our club is the greatest on earth, but I would rent a limo and ask it to the prom.

I have done the club thing since I was first licensed in 1994. Back then, I was a member of the University of Arkansas club (W5YM). I was president for two years, too. After I graduated, I helped start a new club called Amateur Radio Klub of the Arkansas Northwest (ARKAN). I was a charter member and president.

Work and a baby took priority for the next few years and club politics became an unfortunate burden, too. So, I backed out of the club scene…until we started The Noise Blankers Radio Group last year.

Here are three points that make The Noise Blankers Radio Group work well.

We act, work and play similarly. That’s not earth shattering, is it? We all know that people who think the same way tend to get along.

The Noise Blankers have a similar “don’t take things too seriously” viewpoint on the hobby. We think making fun of ourselves is healthy. Our members must share the same viewpoint and be active on social media and the radio. Our mission: “DO RADIO STUFF. HAVE FUN DOING IT. TELL OTHERS HOW MUCH FUN IT IS.”

Find your strength
Our club quickly found a “niche” and began to exploit our best qualities. Put it this way: find your club’s strength and use it to its full potential. Your club may have a membership full of talented webpage programmers. If so, perhaps you set out to have the best ham radio club website on the internet. Or, maybe your club has an abundance of “tinkerers” and you help school kids build kits. For us, it was a common background in professional broadcasting, communications and public relations. We use our similar professional experience (the stuff we do well and get paid to do) to enhance our enjoyment of the hobby.

Stay loose!
Here’s a catchphrase that WBØRUR sent me a few days ago: “Loosen Up The Squelch Bro!” He mentioned it to me and other club members in our 24/7 chat room. (We currently use Facebook Messenger.) That chat room really is active 24/7. It’s where we take care of club business, send jokes, post DX spots, send pictures or share random thoughts.

That “open line” is where we have our best ideas. It’s our 24/7 club meeting. It’s where we came up with the name “Noise Blankers Radio Group.” (Have you noticed we don’t use the word “club” in our name?) One day, we were sending funny ham radio news headlines to each other. There was much LOL. And that’s how was born! Then there was the time that one of us suggested in the chat that we should get our VE credentials. That was 11 a.m.; by 3 p.m. we had all passed the VE exam.

From day one, we have worked to keep it simple with a light-hearted focus. We stay in touch with near real-time communications amongst ourselves, take quick action on things that need a decision, keep a “GET ‘ER DONE” attitude and have NO burdensome and antiquated voting/meeting procedures. In this group, there shall be no “analysis paralysis.”

That’s how we roll. It’s a situation that works for our “club.” Your mileage may vary. What works for you? What makes your club great?


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