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Upcoming March Meeting


Hard to believe that we are already inching our way closer to our upcoming monthly meeting of the Parker Radio Association.  Mark you calendars for Tuesday, March 18th, starting at 6:30PM at Southeast Christian Church on Jordan Road in Parker (between E-470 and Lincoln Avenue).  We will have a 15-30 minute meet and greet at 6:30 and will kick off the formalities between 6:45 – 7:00.  This also gives those that are traveling a bit more time.
Our scheduled program on D-Star/DVAP is being postponed. Unfortunately, a last minute and unexpected work road trip will have our scheduled presenter absent from our meeting.  In the spirit of “keeping the squelch loose,” we are going to have a Show-and-Tell format for our March program.  In all honesty, we should call the program, “Show & Brag.”
We invite you to bring your latest D-Star, MotoTrbo acquisitions…or even your favorite key, portable HF set-up…maybe your latest antenna build or copies of your favorite QST article.  Again, this is a Show & Tell (er, Brag) format that we’ll do in a group setting with plenty of time to start building your budgets for your next acquisitions.
On the business side, we’ll review:
– Treasurer’s Report
– 501(c)3 status
– Membership Coordinator appointment, Membership Status, Rosters, and Family Membership.
– Credit Card Reader Available
– Field Day
– Repeater Committee & D-Star Repeater Homebrew status
– Webmasters
– A few additional Coordinators Needed
– VE partnership with ARESDEC
Help spread the word!  Invite a friend, share this announcement!  We look forward to seeing you March 18th, starting at 6:30 at Southeast Christian Church!
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Moving Right Along…

In the couple short weeks since our February meeting, we have generated excellent momentum in our club activities, membership, and Committee/Coordinator volunteers.

Form 1023/501(c)(3) Application – our draft application is complete and is going through the necessary checks and balances for content and accuracy. We expect this application to be filed in the month of March.

Field Day Committee – Scott (WQ8M & FD Coordinator), Bob (W0KIZ), Paul (AC5S), and John (N4SJW) are in the processes of evaluating a few site ideas for Field Day. We received an open invitation from our friends at ARESDEC as well.  More updates to follow as this committee scopes out a few targeted locations. If you are interested in helping this committee, please email with the Subject Title “FIELD DAY.”

Repeater Committee Forming – Bob (W0KIZ) has asked to be Repeater Committee Chairperson. Bob has solid experience and background in a number of repeater set-ups and protocol. Along with Paul (AC5S) and John (N4SJW), these fine gents are looking for a few more people to help the Repeater Committee.   If you are interested in helping this committee, please email with the Subject Title “REPEATER.”

ARES Liason – Eric (K0EWF) and Randy (W0RDR) are our ARESDEC contacts.  Those interested in learning more about ARES, should reach out to these fine gentlemen. They are solid and knowledgeable ambassadors to ARES functions. If you are interested in learning more about ARES in Douglas and Elbert Counties, please visit

Webmasters – Steve (K0SCL) and Fritz (Soon-to-be-Licensed) are supporting our web presence, organizing a more professional look, as well as acquiring our own .org domain. More details to follow.
Membership Coordinator – Lisa (K0LMH) has stepped up as our Membership Coordinator. She will help the PRA to meet new members right where they are in experience, knowledge, interests, and goals so that together, we can provide a great initial experience for long term membership.
Mobile CC Reader –  we will be acquiring a mobile phone credit card reader to support membership dues collections at our meetings. We hope everything arrives by our next meeting and is ready to go.  We will also add Paypal in the next few weeks to our website.
Family Membership – has been added to our membership options.  For $35/year, this covers the household with confirmed matching physical addresses.
Charter Membership – we were fortunate to have confirmed four charter members and a total of 16 members for the Club. What a great start and we are sure that with the enthusiasm levels at the meeting, we will continue to grow our membership numbers.  Plus, with the easy pay system of using a mobile credit card reader, convenience is always a good thing.
VE Partnership with ARESDEC – to support and build upon the available pool of VEs in our area, we will partner with the ARESDEC VE Team.  If you are interested in acquiring your license, upgrading or being a VE yourself, please reply to this email.
As you can see, your club is active and not allowing grass to grow under our feet.  Your voice, suggestions, and active participation are always welcomed. The officers do not have all the answers or best suggestions but we will keep the squelch loose, have fun, and play radio…and if we learn something and teach something while cracking a joke or two, what better way to enjoy a hobby 🙂
Be sure to share the excitement of the Parker Radio Association
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