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New Ham/New Technology Follow Up

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If the inaugural Parker Radio Association New Ham/New Technology elmering session was any indication of the future of ham radio, we are in good shape. Twelve of the PRA’s friends and members joined our two hour open session for new hams and experienced hams wanting to learn a new aspect of the hobby.  The open forum session had no agenda and gave participants an opportunity to ask any and all questions about ham radio; from what is the best starter HT, to how to install a mobile antenna properly, grounding, vanity call sign process, upgrading, HF operations, and Field Day.

With no set agenda, it was the participants that controlled the meeting.  Our forum kicked off with a question, from a relatively new ham, on RF and lightening protection. From there, we moved on to differences in beams, verticals, and wire antennas; we also discussed how to operate covertly, if you lived in a CC&R community.  Topics simply flowed nicely and the beauty behind the session, new hams were also providing their suggestions on topics presented.  It made for an amazing evening of ham radio discussions, learning, and having fun.

Miss this session? No worries.  Our next two sessions are scheduled for March 28th (Exhibit Hall B) and April 24th (2nd Floor Conference Room) – both at the Douglas County Library in Parker.  Session starts at 6:30PM and concludes at 8:30PM.

Thanks to all that made this evening a success, particularly our participants. You are showing us experienced hams how much fun ham radio is and we know by your questions, answers, and dialogue, the future of the amateur radio is solid.

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Fusion February Summary

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A record turnout of 43 Parker Radio Association members and friends took place this past Thursday for Fusion February.  Jeff, W0QO, and Justin, AE2L, gave an exceptional presentation of Yaesu System Fusion and Wires-X.  The presentation was detailed with information regarding the basics behind System Fusion & Wires-X, as well as overlap between other digital modes such as DMR and D-Star.  We even had a live demo and setup of a Node onsite.

Miss the meeting? No problem!  Check out our “Toolbox” tab above for your copy of our presentation.  Or, Click Here —> Yaesu System Fusion & Wires-X

The PRA is fortunate to have great members like Jeff and Justin that share their knowledge, expertise, and fun of this great service, amateur radio.  They fully embrace our mission in giving back to the community through education while having fun and keeping the squelch loose.


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April Meeting Follow Up


If you missed the April Parker Radio Association Meeting, you let one get through the 5-hole.  No worries…like every good team, we have your back and we’ll pick you up.  Here are some highlights of last night’s great PRA Team performance.

First, we had an amazing weather spotting presentation by Randy, W0RDR.  Randy’s passion about weather matches his passion about ham radio.  If there was offensive stats from Randy’s presentation, he went 4 for 4 with three homeruns.  His lively presentation, with excellent video,s helped our group learn more about weather spotting, how to get involved, and most importantly, how to stay safe. Spotting is just that, spotting…observe and report.  Getting to play radio while spotting also enhances the fun.  GREAT JOB, RANDY!!

Second, we learned that from February to April, our membership has grown from 10 members to 36 members. Word is spreading about the PRA and the response received from the ham community is beyond any expectations we had in January.

We also showed off our Official Club Affiliation Charter Proclamation with the ARRL.  With the support of the League and its history, we know this partnership will help support our growth and momentum for the years to come.  We are in the early planning stages of an ARRL night at an upcoming meeting.  A special thanks to our Section Manager, Jack, WM0G, and Wayne, N0POH, for their guidance over the last couple of months to help us reach this important milestone and establish this important relationship with the ARRL.

Also, we hope to test our homebrew D-Star repeater in the next week or two.  Barring any smoke or high levels of RF exposure, we are anticipating a smooth test and set up.  If you have D-Star capabilities, keep an ear out to 446.850 (B) in coming weeks.  We will send out an announcement when we are ready for coverage reports.

Field Day plans are coming together, slowly, but surely.  If you are interested in participating in Field Day, do not hesitate to let us know.  Contact us through our website.

Lastly, we had a surprise drawing for a couple of door prizes.  The first door prize was a handheld, dual band radio that was awarded to a recent licensee.  The second door prize brought back many memories as it was an oldie, but goodie, AM receiver.

Overall, great things are happening with the Parker Radio Association.  We have great momentum going and it is because of your shared vision, goals and expectations from your ham radio club.

Remember…Have Fun, Play Radio, and keep the squelch loose.



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Winning Run – Affiliation with the ARRL Official


Today, we received official word that we have affiliation status with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). We are looking forward to our mutually beneficial partnership in actively promoting the growth of our great hobby. Many thanks to Jack Ciaccia, WM0G, and Wayne Heinen, N0POH, for their support and guidance.

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ARRL Affiliation Status



Looks like the Parker Radio Association is rounding third and heading for home with its ARRL Affiliation Status.  It  will be very special to be affiliated with a great organization that is 100 Years strong.

Clubs Ready to go to the ARRL Executive Committee

The following clubs have been approved by the division director and will be on the docket for the upcoming meeting of the ARRL Executive Committee on March 29, 2014.

Blue Ridge Wireless, Ruckersville, VA

Brush Prairie Repeater Association, Vancouver, WA

Buffalo Amateur Radio Klub (BARK), Buffalo, WY

Central New York Contesters, Cicero, NY

Charter Oak Radio Society, New Britain, CT

Coal Country Amateur Radio Club, Madison, WV

Crane’s View Lodge Amateur Radio Club, Clermont, FL

Ham Radio University ARC, West Babylon, NY

Hamilton County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Noblesville, IN

Ochoco Amateur Radio Club Associatio, Prineville, OR

Off the Grid Radio and Electronics Society, Elkhart, IN

Pacific Meramec Valley Amateur Radio Club, Pacific, MO

Parker Radio Association, Parker, CO 

The 220 MHz Guys Amateur Radio Club, Chicago, IL

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An Amazing 30-days!

Over the last month, the Parker Radio Association has made significant strides in our establishment.  Here is a list of items accomplished:

– Club Call Sign Issued, KD0YUC. We quickly applied for a vanity call sign, K0PRA, and expect this to be successfully issued to us.

– ARRL Affiliation request sent and in process at ARRL Headquarters.

– We are now Incorporated in the State of Colorado as a Non-Profit Corporation.


Since the majority of items can be checked-off, we still have a few minor details to finish in the coming months.  However, if we were able to accomplish this much in the last 30 days, imagine what we will accomplish in the weeks, months, and years to come.
Be sure to share the news of the Parker Radio Association with a friend!  Invite them to our next club meeting or event.  Don’t forget to check our calendar.  We look forward to playing radio and having fun…don’t forget, we’ll always loosen the squelch!
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Preparation & Activities

There is a lot of behind the scenes work going on with the Parker Radio Association prior to our Kick Off Meeting. Beyond setting up the Facebook and website, we have our Constitution and By-Laws drafted. The next order of business is getting our PO BOX, Club Callsign, ARRL affiliation…all the easy items?!

We need your help in promoting the newest amateur radio club in the South Metro of Denver. Participate in our Kick-Off Meeting in January…invite a friend…and be sure to check our Calendar page regularly for events.

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