On-The-Air Hangouts


The Parker Radio Association will hangout on the following repeaters:

ANALOG: WØCFI/R – 448.675 (minus offset), 100.0Hz Encode – **A tremendous, “THANK YOU,” goes out to WØCFI for permission and use of his repeater**

DMR/BrandMeister – 445.075 (minus offset), ColorCode 1 – Located in The Pinery section of Parker, the K0PRA BrandMeister repeater operates on 445.075 – (minus offset), Color Code 1. It also operates with two timeslots:

TimeSlot 1 – wide area linking

TimeSlot 2 – local traffic

You also can listen to TimeSlot 2 via your local web browser at the following link: http://hose.brandmeister.network/310844/

If you have a DMR Hotspot such as a SharkRF OpenSpot or DVMega, you can connect directly to the repeater by accessing TalkGroup 310844.

D-Star: KØPRA/R – 446.850 (minus offset), DV

We have two nets weekly; one D-Star, one Analog.

Weekly D-Star Nets are held every Monday Night at 8:30PM on the PRA XReflector, XRF223. This can typically be accessed via your hotspot, or a local D-Star repeater, by linking it to XRF223B.

Weekly Analog Nets are held every Tuesday Night at 8PM (with the exception of our monthly face-to-face meeting). We use the WØCFI Analog repeater.


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D-Star Powerpoint from our June 2014 meeting—->K0PRAdstar


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