On-The-Air Hangouts

We have two nets weekly; one D-Star, one Analog.

Weekly D-Star Nets are held every Monday Night at 8:30PM on the PRA XReflector, XRF223. This can typically be accessed via your hotspot, or a local D-Star repeater, by linking it to XRF223B.

Weekly Analog Nets are held every Tuesday Night at 8PM (with the exception of our monthly face-to-face meeting). We use the WØCFI Analog repeater.

The Parker Radio Association will hangout on the following repeaters:

ANALOG: WØCFI/R – 448.675 (minus offset), 100.0Hz Encode

DMR/BrandMeister – 445.075 (minus offset), ColorCode 1 (DMR Nets Coming Soon!)

D-Star: KØPRA/R – 446.850 (minus offset), DV

**A tremendous, “THANK YOU,” goes out to WØCFI for permission and use of his repeater system**

D-Star :KØPRA D-Star Repeater – 446.850 B


It is with excitement that the PRA announces that the 446.850- D-Star repeater is on the air!  A tremendous amount of thanks and gratitude go out to Joel, KE0HPB, Wayne, KC9AWX, and Patrick, KT1GGR, for their efforts in getting the repeater on the air so quickly.  We still have some gateway computer work to do, but the repeater is functioning and has great coverage.  Feel free to give us a call on it and say hello.

Also, Kris, AE9S, has built the PRA XReflector223.  The dashboard for XRF223 can be found here: PRA XRF223 Status Page

A tremendous “THANK YOU” goes out to Kris for his efforts and brainpower in building XRF223.

We hold a XRF223B Net every Monday evening at 20:30 MST (8:30PM MST) on XRF223. Feel free to check in and say hello.  You will be hard pressed to find a more welcoming group of hams that have passion for the hobby and a desire to learn from you!


In November 2015, the PRA was able to acquire an Icom D-Star Controller and UHF Repeater. It is in the process of getting fitted with a gateway computer for remote control and linking capabilities for all D-Star users in the area.  More updates to follow VERY soon and testing reports will be needed.

Overview of the Original 446.850 B System

The Club’s first repeater was launched in April 2014.  The repeater build was funded purely out of donations of excess equipment and spare items from many club members.  Other than the investment of time and these donated resources, there was $0.00 spent from the Club Treasury.  A very special thanks to Ramesh Dhami, VA3UV (Developer of FreeStar Software), and Joey Stanford, NVØN, for their amazing support, guidance, and fraternity in helping and teaching us some of the basics of Linux and making sure we had functionality in the many D-Star reporting systems and updating our software.

Location & System Set-Up

The K0PRA repeater is located in the vicinity of I-70 and Ward Road. The repeater consists of:

Icom ID-RP2C Controller

Icom ID-RP4000V Repeater

Gateway Controller running FreeStar Software

Repeater Status (UNDER REPAIR)

The REPEATER STATUS can be found by clicking on “REPEATER STATUS.”  This will show the K0PRA Dashboard which details Linked Gateways/Reflectors, Local Users, and Remote Users heard on the system.

Confirm Your D-Star Registration Status: 





D-Star Powerpoint from our June 2014 meeting—->K0PRAdstar


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