This purpose of this page is to help facilitate information for members of the Amateur Radio Community to Buy/Sell/Trade their gear.  The PRA simply posts these offers and deals as a service and is not responsible for the quality, serviceability, workability, payment or any part of the transaction.  If you are interested in having your deals listed, please email with a description of your item, price, and method to contact you.


August 18, 2018

Connect Systems CS800D DMR mobile radio. Receives digital and analog. UHF & VHF, 50 W.

Includes programming cable and firmware update cable.

Ten months old, very little use. Works well.

New cost $299 + $15 programming cable.

Sell for $225.

Contact Alan, wildad1AT


Radioddity GD77 Dual Band DMR HT. One month old, latest firmware. $75. Kx3dx email good on QRZ.



Contact Michael at mddgem AT gmail DOT com

Diamond MR77 2m/70cm Mobile Antenna with magnetic mount. Comes with 13’ of RG58C/U and PL-259 connector $20

25’ of RG8X coax with PL-259 connectors & 3’ of RG8X coax with PL-259 connectors $20 for both

ARRL Extra Class License Manual (NEW) $20

ARRL Antenna Book 23rd Edition (NEW) $45

ARRL Handbook 2016. (NEW) $45


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