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Field Day 2018 Pictures

Yet another successful field day in the books.  We had plenty of first timers on HF, youth participation, satellite tracking and great food.  Thanks to Mike AD0WB for taking these great pics!

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Parker Radio Association D-Star + DMR + Fusion + Hotspots = A Networked System

The Parker Radio Association is proud to announce its latest development in our repeater infrastructure and networking.  Thanks to the Ray, N0KEG, the PRA has crossed a major threshold in merging its D-Star Repeater (446.850 – K0PRA) and its Reflector XRF223B with its DMR Repeater capabilities (445.075 – K0PRA).  Whether you have D-Star capabilities or DMR capabilities, you have the opportunity to successfully communicate cross-modes in real time.


In essence, when you communicate on our D-Star repeater, XRF223B, or our DMR Repeater, and you will be heard across all platforms.  This also works perfectly while accessing any of these protocols via your hotspot.


Here are the basic details on how to access:




Option 1

(Direct to the Repeater): Access the K0PRA D-Star via 446.850- (minus offset).  The repeater is semi-permalinked to XRF223B.  When you communicate on the D-Star repeater, you will also be heard on the DMR Repeater and XRF223B.  Talk as you normally would and you will be heard also on our DMR repeater on the Brandmeister network.  No linking necessary to make this happen.


Option 2

(Via your Hotspot): Link your hotspot to XRF223B just like you always do.  Alternatively, you can also link directly to the transcoder at XRF376D or DCS376D. Talk as you normally would and you will be heard on the K0PRA B Repeater, XRF223B, and our DMR repeater on the Brandmeister network.


Due to limited bandwidth and a limit of 5 total links please avoid linking directly to the K0PRA D-Star repeater.  Links to K0PRA should only be used as a last resort if you’re in a pinch and nothing else will work for you.



VIA DMR/Brandmeister


Option 1

(Direct to the Repeater):  Access K0PRA DMR, 445.075 – (minus offset) on Timeslot 2 (Local).  This Timeslot is static linked to our Talkgroup 310844 on the Brandmeister network.  The beauty of this arrangement is that if you have access to any Brandmeister repeater in the world, you can access you friends back here at the PRA via access to Talkgroup 310844.  This talkgroup is now linked to both K0PRA D-Star and XRF223B.


Option 2

(Via your Hotspot): Link your hotspot to Brandmeister Talkgroup 310844.  Talk as you normally would and you will be heard on K0PRA B repeater (D-Star), K0PRA DMR repeater, and XRF223B.


Option 3

(DMR-XLX link):  If your hotspot supports DMR XLX linking (PiStar based), you can link directly to the transcoder at XLX376D and set your radio contact for Talkgroup 6.



VIA Yaesu Wires-X C4FM (Experimental)


Lastly, we can’t forget Wires-X/C4FM digital.  There are still a few minor bugs on this link and we are actively working on making this link more stable.  Two ways to connect are:


Option 1

(Node linking):  If you have access to a Wires-X node or repeater you can link somewhere, connect to the N0KEG-ROOM (43230) on Wires-X.  This room is linked to DMR 310844.


Option 2

(N0KEG’s Node):  There is a 5 watt VHF node running in Stonegate.  You should be able to access this node via a 5 watt handheld in most areas around Parker.  The frequency is 144.915.  This node is running in digital mode only so you must use a C4FM capable radio running in C4FM mode.



The bottom line is that no matter your flavor for digital communications, D-Star – DMR – Hotspots – Repeater direct…the Parker Radio Association has you COVERED and LINKED across all of these platforms.  Now, dust off the HT, program your radio, get-on-the-air and give it a try!


Dashboard Links:

K0PRA DMR Repeater:

K0PRA DStar Repeater:

XRF223 DStar Reflector:

XLX376 Transcoding Reflector:

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PRA October Meeting

Fall is here!  Baseball playoffs, almost half way through the regular season in football…hockey, and now, the October meeting of the PRA.
We have a great deal to cover following our excellent meeting in September.  Join us on Tuesday evening, October 17th at the Douglas County Library in Parker (Mainstreet), starting at 6:30PM for a meet-and-greet, business meeting at 7PM, followed by our presentation at 7:30PM.
On the business side, your current and elected BOD for 2018 has several action items to update from our September meeting.  We will also be discussing the final touches on our D-Star repeater, HF equipment loaning (available Tuesday), and several other items that will be of interest to you.
For our monthly presentation, Justin, AE2L, will provide an overview and keen insight on the vanity callsign application process with plenty of hints, tricks, and suggestions to get you the vanity callsign you want.
Rumor has it, we may have a giveaway as well.  Bring a friend, and join us this Tuesday at the Douglas County Library in Parker at 6:30PM.
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