February Monthly Meeting – 2/22 & Exciting News!!

An action packed week in store for the Parker Radio Association!

First, with the snow flying, no better way to dodge the need to shovel the driveway than participating in our weekly nets.

Mondays – Digital Net on XRF223B and D-Star 446.850 – at 8:30PM & our 75M net announced on 448.675 – for frequency coordination.

Tuesdays – Analog Net on W0CFI/R, 448.675 – (100Hz) at 8:00PM

Also, this week, we have our monthly meeting on Thursday, 2/22 at the Douglas County Library in Parker. Starting at 6:30PM with a meet and greet, followed by our brief business meeting at 7PM, and concluded with our monthly presentation. This month, our presentation will be on Yaesu Fusion and Wires-X. If you have ever wondered wanted to learn more about Fusion and Wires-X, we guarantee a great night of learning.

Last, some exciting news…

New Ham/New Technology Training

The Parker Radio Association (PRA) is announcing six (6) upcoming training sessions for newly licensed Hams, Hams moving into a new areas of the hobby, license upgrades, and anyone needing help on a variety of topics.

We have secured a room in the Douglas County Library, every month for the next six months, where we will have “Elmers” available for helping out with:

– how to get a Ham radio license,
– radio programming, understanding how repeaters work,
– mobile radio installations,
– which equipment is right for a given application,
– HF basics, antennas,
– Field Day, QRP. CW, digital modes (HF and VHF/UHF),
– radio control software, license upgrades,
– buying used radios and other equipment,
– nets and net operations, net controller training, repeater protocol, HF protocol,
– PRA questions (activities, etc.)
– computers in the shack, mobile HF, etc.

There is NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED; you do NOT need to be a member!

Simply show up anytime between 6:30pm and 8:30pm on the dates/room locations noted below and someone will be there to help. Members and non-members are welcome!!!

If programming for a radio is required, bring the radio with you and any programming software & cable you have (a heads up via the website “Contact Us” link on what you need programmed ahead of time would be helpful).

Our goal is to provide a “one-stop-shop” for Ham related info so you can get on the air and enjoy the hobby. We also have some loaner equipment available for UHF repeater access. This will also be a good time to schedule a “house call”.  The PRA Elmers are available to come to your QTH/shack to look at antenna recommendations, station set-up options, and even plan a “antenna raising party”, etc.

Interested in being a Elmer at the sessions? Simply show up and be prepared to help out.


Douglas County Library (Main Street just east of downtown Parker)


2/26 – The Loft, 6:30PM
3/28 – Exhibit Hall B, 6:30PM
4/24 – 2nd Floor Conference Room, 6:30PM

Future Dates will be announced.  We look forward to seeing you on these dates and fulfilling the mission of the PRA by playing radio, having fun, and keeping the squelch loose.

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2 thoughts on “February Monthly Meeting – 2/22 & Exciting News!!

  1. David

    Looking to get into the HAM radio world. I have signed up for classes with the Elbert Cty Emergency Manager starting March 26. I want to buy a radio. What are my options? Is the Baofeng a HAM radio? How does it stack up?

    • Hi David!
      Congrats on signing up for the 3/26 class. We are sure it will be a good one.
      Yes! You want to get a radio! Are you wanting to start with a handheld, a mobile, maybe both! Ham Radio is like a buffet, there are lots of options.
      Yes, most versions of the Baofeng is a ham radio. The appeal is that they are very economical. Technically, some perform well enough, while others do not. For a basic starter radio, it is an OK start. It is typically not very durable, but for the price, you get what you pay for. I would recommend a Yaesu, Icom, or Kenwood for the long haul. For a little bit more money, you get a tried/true/tested radio. A great starter handheld is the Yaesu FT-60. It is dual band, durable, and a great radio.

      Feel free to come by any of our meetings or elmering sessions. Details are on the website, here. No obligation necessary; simply show up, ask questions and get great advice, guidance, and learning opportunities.

      Welcome to a great hobby! We’re here to help you where you are.


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