K0PRA D-Star Repeater On-The-Air

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On Sunday, November 11th, a team of PRA friends and family converged on our D-Star repeater site, just east of Franktown and got the K0PRA D-Star Repeater back on the air.  A tremendous thanks goes out to Dick-K8ZTT, James-KI0KN, Brandon-N0DQV, Don-W0CFI Paul-AC5S, Dirk-N2PDQ, Justin-AE2L, Ray-N0KEG, Patrick-KT1GGR and Ralph-W0RBF.

We need your coverage reports!  Fire up your D-Star Radio to 446.850 (-) and give it a try. The final networking setup with the Gateway is underway and we will announce when the gateway is available for Worldwide linking.

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2 thoughts on “K0PRA D-Star Repeater On-The-Air

  1. Is your December 19 2017 meeting open to non-members? Good place to expose a young person to ham radio?


    • Hi Timothy!

      Absolutely!! The meeting is open to all. Member/Non-member…we welcome all! We look forward to meeting you & we’re here to help in any way we can. Feel free to let us know how we can help.


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