Net Triple Play


Couple of updates and changes to our Monday Digital Net. As you may have noticed, we are experiencing difficulties in the XRF223 Reflector. For this Monday, we are moving our Digital Net to our DMR repeater, 445.075 (minus offset), Color Code 1, Time Slot 2. As a reminder, this net will begin at 8:30PM this Monday.

Our analog net is alive and healthy! Be sure to join us on the W0CFI repeater, 448.675 (minus offset), 100Hz tone, at 8:00PM this Tuesday. This is a great net to get caught up on the activities of the PRA, and hear Amateur Radio Newsline. Also, we want your participation and comments throughout the net…new upgrade, new radio, question about ham radio…this is the place to get very involved.

Lastly, we have had many requests from members for a 75 meter net, so here you go. The net will start the week of October 9th and run through the week of April 9th. We need your input on the day of the week and time. Right now the suggestions have all been for Monday or Tuesday nights, at 9:15 or 9:30pm. Most suggestions have not been positive for weekend time-slots. Frequency suggestions? 3.823; 3.825; 3.900 ????

Please send a short e-mail to AC5S at pbrowncolorado AT with your suggestions. Our informal rag-chew sessions on 75 meters lately have lasted about 30-45 minutes so I would expect the net to go about that long or longer as long as people are on the air. There will be no “net controller” or announcements; someone will call for check-ins, then we go to a round-table. Everyone will need to keep track of their position.

Please let Paul know your thoughts by the end of the day on October 2nd so we can make the announcement on the date and time of the new net, on the Tuesday night analog net on October 3rd. We will also put out another e-mail blast when we get a firmed up day and time.

Continue to Play Radio, Have Fun, and Keep the Squelch Loose!

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