Start Your New Year’s Resolution off Right @ParkerCoRadio Weekly Nets!


Time to start your ham radio New Year resolution and GET ON THE AIR! Be sure to join us for our weekly nets Monday and Tuesday evenings!

First, at 8:30pm on Monday, on D-Star XRF223B, the PRA holds its D-Star net. There is plenty of conversations from everything digital to the latest projects and devices… from DStar / DMR / Fusion / Brandmeister / Hotspots, and even CW.

Second, at 8:00pm on Tuesday, is the PRA weekly analog net on the W0CFI 448.675 – (100Hz) repeater. This is a great way to catch up on the happenings of the PRA and is a great environment to ask any question related to the hobby or to give yourself some bragging rights on a recent license, upgrade, or new piece of equipment.

We’ll see you on the air!

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2 thoughts on “Start Your New Year’s Resolution off Right @ParkerCoRadio Weekly Nets!

  1. John struve

    Dan. I’m east of kiowa.what equipment do I need to access your tues nite net as it is I can only access the simla repeater. John ke0hux

    • Hi John! Thanks for reaching out to us! The Tuesday night net, on 448.675 – (100Hz), from your area, will likely need a radio beyond a standard handheld. A handheld may be an option if you have an outdoor antenna that has some height; 20-30ft or so. Another option would be to operate a mobile radio as a base station that has 30 watts or more. Again, your antenna setup will be your best friend and help you hit the repeater from east of Kiowa. A great outdoor antenna that several club members use is a Diamond X50. Thanks again & 73!

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