Upwards & Onwards With Year 3!


On Tuesday, the PRA celebrated its 2nd Anniversary with a gathering of Members, friends, wives, children and acquaintances of our Organization.  We had over 40 people show up for a great spread of BBQ as well as plenty of stories of rare DX worked and lots of laughs.


Through generous donations to the PRA, we were able to highlight the evening with several ham radio giveaways including a 2M/440 mag-mount antenna, external speaker, D-Star Basics book, Ham Radio Outlet Gift Certificate, and a new Icom ID-31A D-Star HT. A special thanks to Ham Radio Outlet in Denver for their generosity in supporting the Parker Radio Association’s event and their service to the amateur community in Colorado. On your next visit to Ham Radio Outlet, be sure to thank them for all they do for the PRA!

We also highlighted a list of activities that we completed this past year including (and what a busy year it was!!):

  • Boy Scout Camporee & showcase of Amateur Radio Capabilities
  • Parker Police CERT Training on Amateur Radio
  • Tour de Ladies, in conjunction with ARESDEC
  • Parker Police National Night Out
  • Field Day
  • D-Star Repeater Acquisition
  • ARRL Officials Presentation
  • RC Video & Amateur Radio Presentation
  • September 11th Presentation & Amateur Radio
  • Icom USA Headquarters Presentation
  • Antenna Builds
  • Gordon West, WB6NOA, Presentation
  • Commercial Repeater Presentation
  • HF Digital Modes Presentation
  • DXpedition Presentation
  • D-Star & DMR Basics Presentation

We also shared the Survey Results that has helped solidify the strategies for the balance of 2016 including:

  • D-Star learning Sessions – D-Star University
  • Basic Radio Programming sessions
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast & Learns on various Ham Topics

Through all of this we reviewed the 2016 Goals established:

  • Have solid training & the best educational seminars available to our communities served.
  • K0PRA D-Star repeater back on the air with solid coverage.
  • Increase membership levels.
  • Acquire available grants to support our mission and goals.
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One thought on “Upwards & Onwards With Year 3!

  1. Edmund Charles Steinman

    I’ve just paid membership dues this evening to join the club as an official member.
    KE0HPE I will be requesting my old call sign after I successfully pass the extra exam.

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