Gordon West, WB6NOA, to Visit the PRA on April 21st!


For most of us that have accomplished passing a FCC Amateur Radio exam in the last 20+ years, the name Gordon West, WB6NOA, is recognized as an outstanding teacher and ambassador to our hobby.   At our next monthly meeting, April 21st, at Southeast Christian Church on Jordan Road in Parker (between E-470 & Lincoln Ave), Gordon West will join the PRA meeting as our monthly guest presenter via Skype.

Gordo is likely the most successful and well recognized instructor on amateur radio examinations. He has been involved in teaching radio and electronic theory for over 40 years.  Just as part of the Parker Radio Association’s mission, Gordo keeps learning and teaching fun for our hobby. He has received numerous awards such as “Man of the Year” from Hamvention in 2006, and “Instructor of the Year” from the ARRL. Outside of teaching, Gordo is actively involved in his community and public service efforts via amateur radio technology.  He is also a co-host of the weekly broadcast “Ham Nation” on the Twit.tv webcasts every Wednesday night.

Be sure to mark your calendars for April 21st. Our meeting will start around 6:45PM and Gordo’s presentation will begin approximately 7:15PM.  Invite a friend to join you for this great presentation by one of our hobby’s best ambassadors.  Help spread the word of this great opportunity to spend time with Gordo!

Until then, Get-on-the-Air, have fun, teach something, learn something, and keep the squelch loose.

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