PRA & ARESDEC Team Up for Tour de Ladies

mctdlnctdlOn Saturday 7/12, the Parker Radio Association teamed up with the lead agency, ARESDEC, to support communications for the Tour de Ladies bicycle event in Parker. As a team, we were strategically located at aid stations, rovers, and check points to account for nearly 400 cyclists along a 62 mile course.

We were able to put our training, resources, and experience to use. For many, this was their first public service event. However, everyone performed like long time veterans. Everybody learned at least something new (APRS, tactical callsign protocol, a new radio function or mode, antenna set up, etc.). We hope both organizations will be able to add to their membership rosters from this joint effort.

“We don’t know how we’d do it without you” was a common expression by the event organizers. That is what amateur radio is all about.

As a team, we accomplished:

– having fun.
– playing radio.
– teaching something.
– learning something.
– keeping the squelch loose.

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