KØPRA Inaugural Field Day


What an amazing inaugural Field Day for the Parker Radio Association!  Our plans were executed to perfection:

-play radio

-have fun

-provide smiles

-tell jokes

-keep the squelch loose

Were were able to operate from kickoff Saturday until about 8:30AM Sunday morning. There were plenty of tired operators by Sunday morning and contacts were plentiful and flowing the entire duration. Did we mention that the food was amazing, too?  At one point, we had nearly 30 operators and visitors to our site. Visiting boy scouts, family members, and curious neighbors were able to participate and we hope to regain a ham to the ranks, whose license lapsed about five years ago.  Not only did we have fun, but we learned a lot for FD2015.

Many thanks go out to all of those that participated in the Field Day set up, tear down, equipment & coax loans, food preparation and tower raising/lowering.  Can you believe we had a tower? We couldn’t believe it stayed upright the entire time.  We would also like to thank all of those that participated behind the scenes, especially with permit processes. We learned a lot and are anxious for FD2015 to come quickly.

For the “official” totals, here is what KØPRA was able to accomplish as a 2A:

664 total QSOs (575 Phone, 89 CW).

Not too shabby for a last preparation…but then again, this is an emergency preparedness exercise, right?

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