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In case you missed the June Parker Radio Association meeting, we hope this summary will get you caught up. We have two upcoming events that need your response if you are participating.  This is a longer than usual post, so go grab your favorite beverage before reading.

Upcoming next weekend, Saturday, 6/28 and Sunday 6/29 is Field Day.  We have been graciously offered, by Southeast Christian Church, the use a great section of property.  The property is located south of the church property, off of S. Wintergreen Parkway.  Attached is a highlighted map that shows from where we will be operating.
If you are able to or want to operate, please email parkercoradio @ gmail dot com and let us know your desired day(s) and time(s) by Tuesday, 6/24.  We are also hosting a hamburger and hotdog cookout as well.  If you would like to bring your significant other and/or children, we encourage it!  Just let us know how many are coming so that we can make sure there is plenty of food available.  If you were at the meeting this past Tuesday and already signed up, no need to reply again, unless you are changing your status.
To Participate, you need to bring:
– pleasant and happy attitude
– smiles
– good jokes
– chair(s)
We have invited local officials and media outlets to come and see what we are all about.  So, the first three bullet points are mandatory. Nothing worse than a bunch of sour grapes or grumps on camera.
Remember…have fun, play radio, and keep the squelch loose.
Questions about Field Day?  Contact us at parkercoradio @ gmail dot com
Tour de Ladies
This is our first public service event.  We are partnering with our friends at ARESDEC to support communications for a non-competitive bicycle event on July 12th.  This event is in our backyard, here in Parker and will be a great way for the PRA to gain exposure in the community and to learn some great operating techniques from the lead agency, ARESDEC.  This is a low-pressure, fun event. All you will need is a HT, with a backup battery that can operate 70cm (440).  If you have mobile and/or APRS capabilities, we can really use your skills and abilities.  Also, if you have DMR capabilities, bring that, too!  Did we mention low pressure?  If you’ve never had the chance to participate in a public service event, no sweat…very easy training provided and you will be partnered with an experienced operator to support you.
Also, if you know of, or have access to, an RV or a trailer that has operable AC, we can use your help.  Nothing fancy, just something simple to keep our Mission Coordinator and Net Control operators from baking.
If you are interested in participating in Tour de Ladies and giving a little back to our great community, please contact us at parkercoradio @ gmail dot com by Wednesday, June 25th.
As you can see, activity levels are picking up with the Parker Radio Association. We are also happy to announce that we have 41 members. This has shattered any expectations that we had when we first met back on a cold January evening this year.  Word is spreading and we need your help to keep the momentum going.
Your Friends at the Parker Radio Association
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