Hats off & Appreciation

Over this past week, our ARRL Section Manager, Jack Ciaccia, WM0G, sent an email blast out on behalf of the Parker Radio Association.  What happened over the next 48-hours is simply remarkable.

Within two hours, our webpage was averaging 50+visitors an hour.  We received approximately 20 email inquiries wanting more information about our Club, and gained approximately 30 more LIKES on our Facebook page.  Hats off to Jack, our Section Manager, for his willingness to make the announcement on our behalf.  As great as the role of Section Manager appears, we should also recognize that there are thankless hours of assistance, guidance and effort put forth by Jack as well as most ARRL Section Managers.  We are fortunate to have a great ambassador to our hobby in a man like Jack.  If you haven’t had the chance to say “Thank You” to him, do not hesitate…it is the least we can do for what he does for us in public and behind the scenes.

With this amount of interest, we are excited and appreciative that our preliminary vision of establishing an active club in the Parker and southern regions of Denver are developing.  We know this will not be a one or two person effort to make this organization great.  Your contributions are necessary and we look forward to sticking to our core principles with you: have fun, play radio, learn something, teach something.

Our vanity call sign application has been received and is being processed.  Thanks to the AE7Q.com website, we anticipate that K0PRA will be issued to us on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.  Here are the details:

/ State
ULS File
Mon 2014-01-27 Fri 2014-02-14 KD0YUC 10 / CO Amateur Extra 0006118405 By List (Club) 1 K0PRA Assignment
2 WC0PRA Reserved Callsign
3 KA0PRA Unneeded (Available)
4 WA0PRA Unneeded (Available)

Don’t forget that our upcoming February meeting is Tuesday, February 18th, starting at 6:30PM at Southeast Christian Church in Parker (between E-470 and Lincoln Avenue).  Invite a fried, share our Club information, LIKE us on Facebook.

Great things are happening and we are very excited about our potential and exciting events that are planned such as VE Testing, Field Day, Family Picnics, Funny Jokes, SOTA activations, Contesting, and the chance to learn and teach from each other.  Don’t be afraid to volunteer to be a coordinator…the squelch is loose.


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